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About Unravel World Travel

Allow me the opportunity to provide you with the best advice in choosing your holiday destination, and use my expertise to make your trip a memorable one.

Unravel World Travel was started by Teodor Mihail on November 15, 2013, with a goal to provide clients with a 5-star experience from the first phone call. In today’s world, online websites will simply not tell you enough and a lot of planning goes into making your vacation memorable. Since opening day, Unravel World Travel has redefined the way the world views travel with an award-winning culture based on experience and great relationships. Our valued clients start off as a customer and end up a “friend” after seeing the extra miles that we take to make their trip as close to perfect as possible. Dedication, determination, professionalism and attention to every detail are at the heart of the company. Every year, the company reaches new milestones and travelers, with the goal to easily bring the world within travelers’ reach.

Unravel World Travel is powered by Centre Holidays, a host agency that consists of over 300 agents across Canada.

About The CEO

I, Teodor Mihail, have had a passion for travel since the age of 11. In 2000, my parents planned our first trip to Europe. At first, I enjoyed the plane rides and couldn’t wait to fly again. From then on, my parents would take me on a trip every summer. The next year we went to Mexico, and I felt a “bite from the travel bug”. In 2004, my parents were thinking of Austria, and I did a lot of research to find attractions and build an itinerary, which I enjoyed doing. At that point, it was confirmed that the “bite” was permanent, and that I would enjoy planning trips. Since then, the more years pass, the more I travel, and always enjoy trying new experiences. And in 2013, after working for a storefront travel agency for 4 years, I decided to pursue my dream of launching my own company, and Unravel World Travel was started! The more years pass, the more I travel in order to bring my valued clients the wonderful world of travel. By experiencing different countries, hotels, resorts, and a variety of means of transportation, I am an expert at the different ways of travel in order to make every trip the best one ever. Travelers who have booked their trips with me have enjoyed their vacations to the maximum along with the support I have provided, and continue to come back with me for my expertise and professional services.

My experience comes from 20 years of worldwide travel, including business trips designed for travel agents to discover resorts, cruise ships and attractions, in order to better sell them to their clients. I also attend yearly travel agent events in order to build and sustain great relationships with the top suppliers of the travel industry. This enables me to arrange for special occasions and do much more than a simple ticket.

Number Of Countries Traveled To Date: 43

Vacation is calling. And all you need to do is pack and get excited. I will cover the rest of the “dirty work”.

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